I'm so glad you're here.

I’m Hannah, and I'm a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

I want to guide you to rediscover your inner flame, so you can live life with the energy you deserve. Whoever you are, and whatever you’re struggling with right now, know you are not alone. 


I believe in you and your ability to flourish. Together we will use the incredible power of real food, in combination with the therapeutic force of nature, to bring light and healing into your life. Through innovative assessments and evaluations, we will work together to determine not only what your body needs, but your mind and soul as well. The whole you.

I am here to guide you to yourself. To deepen that fiery internal connection where your love, acceptance, and essence thrive. Learning to find that connection and nourish it begins with whats on your plate and how it affects you. 

There are answers. 


Let’s find them. 


How can it serve you?

Are your symptoms preventing you from living the life you crave? Sick and tired of the bloating, hormonal mood swings, digestive distress, daily fatigue and negative outlook? Confused by your unexplained weight gain/loss, menstrual troubles, and/or acne?


Nutritional Therapy can help bring the light back into your life!

Nutritional Therapy works to address the root causes of your frustrating symptoms using properly prepared, nutrient-dense food as the foundation for health. It is a holistic approach to nutrition that targets your body’s specific needs. 


Let’s work together to dig deep and discover the personalized diet, supplement, and lifestyle changes that will end dysfunction and get you back to feeling like yourself.


The transformative tool right outside your door...

When working with me, you will learn how to use nature as a healing agent.

Scientific studies have long shown that increased exposure to nature has a profoundly positive affect on one's health. 

Whether you live by a wooded area, near a beach, or simply have a green lawn or one neighborhood tree, I will help you harness nature's powerful energy to benefit you in your healing journey. 

What does Salt Of The Earth Mean?

"Salt of the Earth" is an ancient saying that is the essence of my approach as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

Throughout history, salt has stood as a metaphor for everything from life and wisdom to purity and light.

Salt is fundamental to life. No living thing, including you, can survive without salt. Salt is so valuable, it was once traded ounce for ounce with gold. No cell in your body can function without salt. 


"Salt of the Earth" means that you need to be strong in your foundations and play an essential role in your own healing. You are your most dependable and valuable asset in this journey to vibrant health.


Brooklyn, NY, USA

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