Schedule a free discovery call where we can get to know each other and see if we make a great fit! This also gives you a chance to ask questions about the packages listed below and what working together would be like.


This isn’t all about food. This is about you as a whole. This is your mind, your soul, your desires, and your ideals. This is about showing yourself the way. Through meaningful commitments to yourself, magic can happen. 


Ready to begin?



You’ve completed a package with me and you’re confident and joyful in your new journey but…you would love some additional support before or after being on your own. 





Walk the aisles of your local grocery store with me, learning the ins and outs of nutritional labels, what to look for and what to skip. Learn to navigate the shelves without the anxiety! Let’s fill your cart with nourishment and leave with a mind at peace, knowing you are supporting yourself with the best choices. 



(One Month)


For the client who is ready to lay the foundations for healthier habits and jumpstart some positive changes with food alone! 


This package includes what you’ll need to get started: your initial intake session, your second session which will be a deep dive into your symptom burden analysis and nutritional questionnaire results, and 1 follow-up consultation (up to 60 minutes).


One 60 minute session for the client who would like to see how Nutritional Therapy can impact their already established health journey. 

Feeling good but want a second opinion on your choices? Feel like there is something missing?


-Personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations based around the transformation and results you want.

-Initial interview, health history review, and 3 day food and mood journal analysis.


(3 Months)


For the client who is ready to commit to long-term healing! For those that prefer ongoing support, accountability, and adaptive guidance. More time working together means we can make more progress and take a more in-depth approach to your bio-individual healing needs. 


This package includes your initial intake session, a hands-on evaluation that allows me to create a supplement protocol tailored to your bio-individual needs, and extensive follow-ups. With this package, we are an investigative team, working together to bring vitality and wellness back into your life. 


(6 Months)


For the client who needs or wants a long lasting relationship with me! For those that desire continuing healing progress, regular check-ins, and direct, long-term support. This package is for the client that either has a significant amount of healing to do, or is hesitant to make progress on their own. This client may have received a diagnosis from their doctor and would like another source of support. Working together this closely ensures a thriving relationship, both between me and you, and between you and your progress. A true transformation can take place within this span of time. Let’s see the future you!



Not sure if what you already have in your kitchen fits your new protocol? Invite me into your home and together can make sure your kitchen is a place of true healing. Learn how to investigate the labels on your favorite foods, what to keep, and what to toss.



Making some kitchen staples at home can seriously lower your new real food budget. Don't know where to start? I can help! During a home visit, I will teach you the very basics to help make your goals in the kitchen more tangible. Includes demonstrations of bone broth, ghee, sauerkraut, and one recipe of your choosing. Doesn't include ingredients or kitchen tools. 


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