I learned a lot of the "why" behind food decisions, which really helps me stay on track and motivated...you explained everything so clearly...knowing the why makes me know how I'm caring for my body. I also unlearned a lot of false beliefs about food, especially about fat. And I'm able to enjoy sweets in a healthier way... Overall, I feel more confident that my food choices are nourishing and healing... I also just FEEL better, physically. Less burping and bloating, more sustained satisfaction, less hunger, more hydration, and while this is probably the most difficult journey, I'm trying to have more grace with my body and better body image. 

Tierney, 33

I learned more in the first session than I have learned about nutrition in my entire life. You filled so many gaps that I needed to fill to have a healthy diet and lifestyle. Once I had that understanding, I was able to implement habits and patterns that have made me feel healthier and more fulfilled...This was a life changing process for me!

Andrew, 30

I was totally unable to eat anything with a smell or taste, I was in constant pain and nauseous 24/7. My anxiety around this was through the roof...I can eat! I feel less defeated. Its still an uphill battle but I feel more equipped/supported. Invest in your health! It’s absolutely worth it! 

Alex, 29

 I was experiencing fatigue and bloated-ness and was looking for some ways to improve the quality of my overall health...I am no longer bloated. I have a lot more energy....Hannah genuinely cares for the well-being of others. And I never felt pushed or coerced to make any changes I wasn't comfortable with either. Hannah professionally and gently guides. No question I had was left unanswered. She knows her stuff and I felt like I benefitted from her in-depth nutritional knowledge. 

Claire, 59

I can say following your recommended diet and suggestions that I actually feel better, have more energy and I’m able to eat more to gain the weight the doctor says I need to. I know it’s not a quick process and [I] can get discouraged but you are right there with support and suggestions...If you are thinking about working with Hannah, don’t hesitate. Everyday you hesitate is a day you lose because you feel sick or don’t have the energy or stamina that you need to function.

Michele, 66

Hannah changed my life.  And I am in no way being dramatic.  She opened up my way of thinking beyond measure to the way food affects our everyday lives and she also gave me the tools to grow a well of knowledge based on these connections. I used to think that things like fatigue, heartburn, laziness were just part of life.  Hannah literally changed my lifestyle with an educated way of looking at food and its connection to our quality of life, and I will NEVER go back.  Anyone who gets to hire her is seriously a lucky candidate whose ailments and other issues will steadfastly change for the better.  I could not recommend Hannah's services more.

Rachel, 32

I had specific gut issues, night time cramps, acid reflux and unpredictable bowel movements...I was always tired after my workout, and every issue I had seen a PCP for in the last year seemed unresolved...I'm more in tune with my body and what it needs, I'm more aware of what sort of foods trigger what sort of reactions (both physically and emotionally), I'm sleeping better, eating better, and I finally have the energy to get back to my workouts.

Joe, 30

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